Making Surgery Safer

Unifying safety, efficiency and compliance in healthcare with over a decade of research and clinical experience.

The Black Box Platform

Equipped with advanced sensors and AI-driven analytics, the OR Black Box® Platform is designed to measure and optimize Efficiency, Safety, and Compliance to standard operating procedures. With unrivalled insights that help eliminate overtime, improve operating room efficiency, prevent never events, optimize post operative recovery, and improve safety culture.


What the Experts Are Saying


"This is the way you improve your quality and operation. We want to look at videos where everything goes really well so we can emulate that in other rooms."

Christopher Mantyh,
MD, Professor of Surgery,
Duke University Hospital

"This is a disruptive technology, and I use disruptive in a good sense."

Sean Cleary,
MD, Surgical Oncologist,
Mayo Clinic

"The only way we’re going to get to the next level of safety is to have comprehensive data collection so we can measure things.”

Herbert Zeh III,
MD, Chair of Surgery,
UT Southwestern

We provide best-in-class intelligent solutions that empower healthcare professionals to unlock and optimize hospital resources, reduce risk, and save lives.

Surgical Safety Technologies


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